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Who Are We

The Project

Baby in the Corner merges the depth and emotion of the real world onto beautifully detailed avatars that are fun and relatable.


The project aims to create the base layer of a character specifically developed to represent you in social media as well as up-and-coming digital worlds.  An Avatar that is not only a joy to own, but is also versatile enough to take on the ever-changing landscape of the NFT space.


We want to give you the ability to be the very best version of yourself!  The project aims to achieve this through careful and thoughtful attention to detail.   Each NFT features detailed headpieces, expressive eyes, diverse skin tones, colorful facemasks, beautifully styled jewelry, unique backgrounds, and fun make-up for a bit of glam!  


Join us in unmasking Baby’s true potential!

Get On The List

Join us on Twitter and be the first to know when the project mints!

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